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Sylt 2014

This week was crazy. So much happening. It all started with the beginning of the competition already on Friday….. Onshore conditions and little wind made it pretty interesting. As always on Sylt I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but started to feel confident as it was not a big problem to get out.

Tenerife review

Tenerife was not the best competition for me. Too much other stuff going on and no free mind. Sarah Quita sailed well and put me down to 5th place. I´m a bit sad, because Tenerife is somehow my spot with nice waves, but on that day I had the lowest score ever for the waves

PWA Pozo 2014

I had a beautiful time in Gran Canaria! I spent one week before the competition starts in a beautiful house near Vargas. Right on a Salina was this typical house made out of stone with view of the atlantic ocean. No people, no cars… just us and the windmills. They produce their own water and

Steffi Wahl – Video

A little clip from my trips in the year 2012 ... enjoy.

pictures: John Carter / PWA , D.Röckl