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PWA Pozo 2014

I had a beautiful time in Gran Canaria! I spent one week before the competition starts in a beautiful house near Vargas. Right on a Salina was this typical house made out of stone with view of the atlantic ocean. No people, no cars… just us and the windmills. They produce their own water and


Time is running for myself. As always in the month of june. I love that time of the year where the daylight almost never ends. Surf sessions in Denmark until midnight, Kieler Woche with loads of live acts, working, doing the housework and getting ready for my windsurfing season. I´m just on the edge of

physioLoop Slingtraining

Ich freu mich total über den Support von Thore von physioLoop in Kiel. Ich war auf der Suche nach diesen Bändern und bin irgendwann auf der Seite gelandet: physioLoop Slingtraining Segelmacherqualität “Made in Kiel”! Sollte auf keinem Trip fehlen. Mehr Infos auch auf der Facebook Seite: Facebook

Steffi Wahl – 2012

A little clip from my trips last year ... enjoy.

pictures: John Carter / PWA , D.Röckl