Monthly Archive for März, 2013

After 18 days in the sun I´m back to my home, back to germany. It´s more like Alaska at the moment… snowy and white with big iceicles at the bridge. Yesterday we had a big snowstorm and all the streets where blocked and the world was so quiet. Not many people were on the road

Weekend – wind, wind, wind …

4 days wind in a row…. what a pleasure! Yesterday we did the off-peak thing. Went to Melkbos first with nice and clean waves and in the afternoon to Sunset Beach for a 3,7 session….. at both spots just a few people out. I like! Just a few pictures to get an impression of the

South Africa

One week is over … it was not the “normal” summer Cape Town madness with busting south east winds, but actually I liked it a lot. It is more tricky to get some sailing in, but if you know where to go it can work every day. We were on the westcoast a couple of

pictures: John Carter / PWA , D.Röckl