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November in germany…

November. For sure everybody will think of grey, rainy, dark days…..  depression weather. But it´s not like this. It´s all somewhere in your mind and what you make about it. If you keep pushing yourself into bad weather like “ooh it´s raining again, where is the sun?, I can´t go outside…” … stupid! Just do

Surf Magazin Nominierung zur Wahl des “Surfer of the Year”

Gerade entdeckt. Das deutsche SURF Magazin hat mich unter vielen anderen deutschen Fahrern für die Wahl zum “Surfer of the Year” aufgestellt…. hui. Das ist schön. Wenn ihr mögt, könnt ihr für mich auf folgender Seite abstimmen :

September days

Wonderful days end of august/beginning of september….. First we had 3 days of easterly winds last weekend at the baltic sea and after the first westerly storm arrived in the north….. Hanstholm was on fire for 3 days in a row. Windsurfing, surfing, friends… everything my heart needs. Happy!

Steffi Wahl – 2012

A little clip from my trips last year ... enjoy.

pictures: John Carter / PWA , D.Röckl