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Bild @ Sebastian


After 18 days in the sun I´m back to my home, back to germany. It´s more like Alaska at the moment… snowy and white with big iceicles at the bridge.
Yesterday we had a big snowstorm and all the streets where blocked and the world was so quiet. Not many people were on the road driving…. really strange.

Tomorrow is the meteorologic start of spring … but no signs here. We actually don´t care too much because for the second time of winter it feels like summer in Gran Canaria. Easterly winds are blowing 3-5 days in a row… that´s special. On sunday I was sailing right in front of my doorstep with André and I saw Nico and Flo further up the coast … good start!

Here is a little gallery…. pics are from Sebastian and Nadine. Thx!

Bild @ Sebastian