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Short holidays …

What a perfect short holiday. Super nice waves, clean swell and the wind picked up for my 3.7 Sailloft Curve. Domink was on his 4.4 Quad and we had the wide ocean for ourselves…… just loving it up here.

After nearly 4 hours of going in and out and trying to do the stupid backloop for the 100th time I started to land 4…….  yes, maybe I get a routine? Don´t think so, but at least I start to realise what feels good.
It´s just a pity that we can´t do this every day…… it would be so much easier to learn how to jump. But actually it starts to make fun and I enjoy it. I guess that´s pretty much the most important thing!!!!!! The water temperature starts to be close to 10 degrees….. so everything is going to be good!

After windsurfing we decided to go for a quick surfing session in super nice and fast waves with only two other danish guys. Now fully destroyed, but happy :)