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Pozo Nr°2

Pozo over. 6 days of waiting for a super session to come. I guess nobody expected that. Maybe because all took the conditions for granted, and it´s actually not. Every single day on the water, in the waves, in nature is a present. I was just walking through the little town of Pozo and thought: what a nice week. The conditions have not been Pozo style, but I was sailing more in 6 days than I sail normally at home. It would just have been nice to have a proper competion with nice waves.
At least we did a supersession today and I felt really comfortable on my 3.7 Sailloft Curve. They scored only jumping, so there was no excuse. They just said it was a close battle between 3th and 4th place, but in the end it was Karin who took the spot after the Twins. Well….. another 4th place in Pozo.