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November in germany…

November. For sure everybody will think of grey, rainy, dark days…..  depression weather. But it´s not like this. It´s all somewhere in your mind and what you make about it. If you keep pushing yourself into bad weather like „ooh it´s raining again, where is the sun?, I can´t go outside…“ … stupid! Just do something, go, push yourself into some kind of movement, watch the clouds, borrow a dog for a walk. Just DO Something. Fresh air is the best medicine.  It doesn´t matter if it´s grey or dark, you just have to relax and enjoy every single minute of life…………..

We did. The autumn has been great. Denmark on fire. Not always with ourselves. But I´m happy for everybody who could enjoy the great waves. The wind was blowing a lot, but time is running quick these days. For working people sometimes difficult to take part, but with some organisation and comitment you can get some spare time to go windsurfing.

And if there is wind on a weekend..even better! Last sunday we had a nice family surf in Westermarkelsdorf.
Please check Caro´s page for some of their nice windsurfing shots… and here are some impressions through my eyes……

There will be no PWA event in Chile. That is such a petty…… I would have loved to go there. Decent wave riding. But not this year. At least the Professional Windsurfing Association was so professional to cancel it 3 weeks in advance. Yes. For all the people who already booked flights: Chile will be even more fun without an event!!!