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Norway, Denmark, Balitc Sea – Scandinavian Roundtrippin`

Norway, France, Spain, Sardinia?

And again it was a last minute travel decision for our 2 weeks holiday window. All the weather maps for Europe in car distance showed nearly zero wind and declining waves…

I really wanted to go back to Norway, especially this time of the year when it nearly never gets dark. So we decided just to head north. Forecasts are overrated :)

3.800 km and 10 days later we saw all of this and can´t get enough: beautiful landscapes, super beautiful bays, some nice waves in Norway, fantastic glaciers, waterfalls, tunnels, bigger tunnels,  never ending days, sunshine at 12 o´clock in the night, elks, a vibrant surfing city called Varberg in Sweden, the turqoise waters of Mön in Denmark with some nice danish windsurfers and some thermal easterly winds on Rügen/Germany for some freestyle.

We finished our round trip completely sure to go again. SOON.Some social media appearance can be found here:

Reinhard Wilting Photography