And again the PWA Worldcup in Pozo is over.
We had 17 girls competing and loads of wind. Honestly it was never that windy. I like the strong wind in Pozo and was holding on to my 3.3 in the last couple of years, but this year the northeast passat broke all records. There where not only strong gust, the whole wind was full force the whole day! Crazy. Lucky me I had  a new 3.0 with me. But I was still overpowered.
I´m always very impressed by this wind machine on Gran Canaria. It is just amazing. 2 weeks holidays, 2 weeks of sailing. Easy. And if you move a bit you even find good waves.

The crucial point during competion was for sure not the wind, but the waves. They where really tiny and I had a hard time in the second heat of the single elimination against Amanda.  Since there where no proper waves, there where only 1 wave and 2 jumps to count… well, this is for sure not in favour for myself, but I could handle this if I do a decent heat. In that strong winds everything can happen and I know that my onshore waveriding overpowered with 3.0 is alright…. BUT my first forward loop went out of control and I had a crash leaving me scared and I sailed like a chicken afterwards. Against Amanda you can´t sail in chicken mode, for sure you will loose…..
In the end I lost with 0,85 points and right after our heat they cancelled the competition for the day due to the lack of waves. Well, while competition luck seems never to be on my side… but it´s more important in real life I guess 🙂

Sarah-Quita Offringa did an amazing job in her heat against Iballa and finished 2nd behind Daida. Daida is for sure the queen of Pozo and I can´t see anybody coming close soon there… She is just so consistent in her sailing and sticking high stalled forwards, one handed backloops in any conditions! Really cool.

We could not start a double elimination so we ended up with this result:

1° Daida Ruano Moreno
2° Sarah-Quita Offringa
3° Iballa Ruano Moreno
4° Amanda Beenen
5° Steffi Wahl, Lina Erpenstein, Justyna Sniady, Alice Arutkin

Again big hugs to Daida, Iballa and Rodrigo & team for organizing this event and for the hard work!

Now a bit of a break from competing, back in Germany for working and sailing on the weekends and enjoying a nice windy summer at home. Yesterday we had more waves than during my heat in Pozo here at the baltic sea and I could even link 2 frontside turns together. YAY!!!! I love the baltic sea when it´s on!
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