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Last monday in January

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January ended as it started: with good and uncrowded waves.

Again we where very happy to be able to surf clean, glassy waves and little barreling ones where seen as well. As fog seems to be one of the key weather models this year most of the pictures are black & white and you have to have really good vibes to not miss the sun. On Saturday a glimps of spring came through and the Thy national park was lightend up in those truly beautiful „sea colours“ with dunes and this easy vastness of the land. Beginning of feb the baltic sea delivers some easterly conditions and I started the month even with my second windsurfing session this year…

Most of the times there is a sad part of a beautiful story: there  was definitely the most plastic I have ever seen on danish coastlines. It was a stormy winter in the earlier days, but not stormier than the last winters. But a lot more plastic is washed on to the shores and nowadays it is hard to have a nice walk on the beach without stepping on to plastics. SAD.
Please check the links in the sidebar to see what you can do about it. It is important for all of us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=“1/3″][vc_message message_color=“color-gyho“]

Copyright: Jasmin Becela

Weniger Plastik ist Meer.

Der grüne Wal.

Plastik im Alltag.


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