Steffi Wahl

Born 01.06.1978 in the south of Germany.
Started windsurfing on a small lake "Badsee" down south and fell in love.
1998: moved to Kiel/Baltic Sea.
Studies: Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) 2003 - postgraduate degree in economic and management studies.
Work: Since 2003 self-employed. Project management in webdesign. Working together with Hannes Kandulla 
Semi-professional windsurfer & in love with surfing.


A little overview about my results.

  • 2019:  no results yet due to ankle injury 

  • 2018: 4° PWA Worldcup Sylt // 1° Down the Line DK // 6° PWA Worldcup Tenerife

  • 2017: 6° PWA Worldcup Sylt // PWA Tenerife no result due to injury

  • 2016: 3° PWA Worldcup Tenerife // 5° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria// 5° PWA Worldcup Sylt

  • 2015: 3° "Surfer of the Year" Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Vincent Langer, Steffi Wahl) // 2° Danish Surf event "Lakor Pibe Masters" // 4° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria // 5° PWA Worldcup Tenerife.

  • 2014: 3° “Surfer of the Year” Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Klaas Voget, Steffi Wahl) // 5° World Rankings Professional Windsurfing Association // 13° PWA Aloha Classic Hawaii // 3° PWA Wind & Waves Festival Gran Canaria // 5° PWA Tenerife.

  • 2013: 3° "Surfer of the Year" Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Leon Jamaer, Steffi Wahl) // 4° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria // 4° PWA Worldcup Teneriffa // 4° PWA Worldranking

  • Other: German Champion in Speedsailing 2010
    Slalom & Course Race 1998 Vice World Champion

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Steffi Wahl

I´m in love with the little things

The best thing for me is to spend my time with my loved ones. It doesn´t matter where, just altogether is important. I love to travel by van and discover new places. It doesn´t have to be far away... already the forest around the corner has some paths which are new to me. 

Surfpic: Victor Rosario/Louis Rocha
Portraits: Frithjof Blaasch /