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Steffi Wahl

I´m in love with the little things

The best thing for me is to spend my time with my loved ones. It doesn´t matter where, just altogether is important. I love to travel by van and discover new places. It doesn´t have to be far away… already the forest around the corner has some paths which are new. 
The Baltic Sea and the North Sea is my main playground and no matter the weather or season I love to play with wind & waves.

Born 01.06.1978 in the south of Germany.
Started windsurfing on a small lake „Badsee“ down south and fell in love.
1998: moved to Kiel/Baltic Sea.
Studies: Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) 2003 – postgraduate degree in economic and management studies.
Work: Since 2003 self-employed. Project management in webdesign. Working together with Hannes Kandulla 
Competing on the PWA Worldtour Wave Windsurfing when time allows & in love with surfing.


A little overview about my results.

  • 2022: 4° PWA Worldcup Sylt

  • 2019:
    1° Down the Line DK
    6° PWA Worldcup Sylt
    no results on the Canary Islands due to ankle injury 

  • 2018: 4° PWA Worldcup Sylt 
    1° Down the Line DK 
    6° PWA Worldcup Tenerife

  • 2017: 6° PWA Worldcup Sylt // PWA Tenerife no result due to injury

  • 2016: 3° PWA Worldcup Tenerife // 5° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria// 5° PWA Worldcup Sylt

  • 2015: 3° „Surfer of the Year“ Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Vincent Langer, Steffi Wahl) // 2° Danish Surf event „Lakor Pibe Masters“ // 4° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria // 5° PWA Worldcup Tenerife.

  • 2014: 3° “Surfer of the Year” Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Klaas Voget, Steffi Wahl) // 5° World Rankings Professional Windsurfing Association // 13° PWA Aloha Classic Hawaii // 3° PWA Wind & Waves Festival Gran Canaria // 5° PWA Tenerife.

  • 2013: 3° „Surfer of the Year“ Award SURF Magazin (Philip Köster, Leon Jamaer, Steffi Wahl) // 4° PWA Worldcup Gran Canaria // 4° PWA Worldcup Teneriffa // 4° PWA Worldranking

  • Other: German Champion in Speedsailing 2010
    Slalom & Course Race 1998 Vice World Champion

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