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South Africa

One week is over … it was not the „normal“ summer Cape Town madness with busting south east winds, but actually I liked it a lot. It is more tricky to get some sailing in, but if you know where to go it can work every day. We were on the westcoast a couple of days and it was very nice. I like it when it´s quiet.

On wednesday we were in Whitsands with a really tricky northwestwind. It was very offshore and hard to sail, but at least we were on the water. Yesterday summer kicked in and the wind was blowing the whole day. After a wobbly and massive masthigh Haakgat chicken jibe early morning session (actually I never did so many chicken jibes in my life,  yep, that´s german winter reality coming back quickly  in these conditions;) ) we decided to go to Big Bay to have a more relaxing session. It was nice: only 4 guys out including us, the tide was perfect and it was a huge playground. 4,2 Sailloft Curve nicely powered and I got some self-confidence back…

The wind is already blowing again, waves are supposed to be a little bit smaller… so let´s go!

Here are couple of images of our first week in SA :)