Good bye Patrik Boards

After almost 12 years on Patrik Boards (before it became Karin & Patrik´s own brand I sailed on F2 Boards shaped by Patrik) it´s time to move on!

I had a blast on the boards the last years and was able to get some nice results on the PWA Worldtour with the support from Patrik. Here are the ones which mean the most to me:
3rd place Wave Sylt
3rd place Wave Tenerife
3rd place Wave Pozo

From the very first moment ages ago at the Lake Silvaplana (maybe around 1996)  where I first met Patrik I realized that he likes to think out of the box.  Later he put his ideas in great windsurfing boards and became a well known shaper not only for waveboards!
Besides the results the two became friends and during Karin´s active career we spend a lot of time together and had some super fun sessions in Australia, Ojos, Pozo, Tenerife, Cape Town. It´s always a pleasure to share your passion with people living a 100% for it. And that is what they do!

But sometimes it´s time to move on!
Thank you, Karin & Patrik, for all the support during the last 12 years and hope to see you again somewhere riding waves together!