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PWA Worldcup Tenerife 2013

Tomorrow will be THE day in the double elimination. Everything can happen….. Today we saw loads of heats from the boys and the girls in very windy conditions. Guys were sailing on 3.7 / 4.0, the girls on 3.3 or even smaller. Caro Weber was winning her first heats in the PWA Worldcup and managed

Pozo Nr°2

Pozo over. 6 days of waiting for a super session to come. I guess nobody expected that. Maybe because all took the conditions for granted, and it´s actually not. Every single day on the water, in the waves, in nature is a present. I was just walking through the little town of Pozo and thought:

Pozo Nr°1

Well, I arrived yesterday evening and everybody (except of Karin & Sarah-Quita) told me that there was/is no wind. Coming from Germany sailing on 4,2 and 3,7 yesterday and today feels actually quite windy….. Today we went further north (thanks to Iballa for the car!!!) to look for some waves, because Pozo was more or

Steffi Wahl – 2012

A little clip from my trips last year ... enjoy.

pictures: John Carter / PWA , D.Röckl