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Windsurf Worldcup Sylt 2018

It´s always a pleasure for me to come to Sylt….. a lot of people think it´s my homespot, but it´s actually not and I only come here once a year for the stop of the PWA Worldtour. Sylt is somehow a love and hate relationship for a lot of people. I just like the craziness of everything:

~ the windsurfing conditions can vary from epic sideshore wave sailing to mushy challenging onshore conditions with a dangerous shorebreak and you don´t know what you get.

~ the people are absolutely in love with wave windsurfing. They are standing on the beach no matter the weather……

~ as a windsurfer you normally spend the whole week in Westerland and I like the beach and the view towards the ocean, but if you look behind you see some ugly high buildings. But once you just walk 500m south or north it get´s so stunningly beautiful! The red cliff while the sun is going down or the Wattenmeer on the eastern side of the island. I like the heathland and it´s so nice for a long walk with the dog.

~ the evenings are fun. There is always something happening and it never gets boring.

I was very happy to be invited by Mario, Thommy & his crew from the „Creperie am Meer“ in Westerland for the „Welcome to the island Dinner“ on friday evening. He did it last year for the first time and we got absolutely spoiled by the Shirobar. This year he even stepped it up and we had an amazing menu with Shirobar Sushi as starter, Pasta with Shells (from Sylt) and Shrimps …made by Fabi from the S-Point Bistro and as dessert we had self-made icecream with local ingredients made by Jens. Absolutely amazing. I think this is the most welcoming event happening during the whole week and you can feel the love they put in their jobs and their cooking. Really fantastic! Thank you.

Besides that you can always visit the „Creperie am Meer“ during the Worldcup for the best Crepes and Coffee in Westerland.

From the competition point of view our headjudge Duncan did a pretty good job to push for a lot of rounds on the opening day. The men finished their double and Thomas Traversa won the event with a stunning performance. For me he was the best rider in the stormy Northsea during those onshore conditions.

On our side we where not able to finish the double elimination completely but came far enough to have a fair result with every place decided.
Sarah-Quita Offringa won the event with a stunning performance and maybe because she was so well prepared with a trip to Norway and Denmark before the event. Well done! It´s always a pleasure to spend time with all the super motivated ladies!
Unfortunatley some of the girls couldn´t come due to injury (all the best for you, Daida) or other sport events (Caterina Stenta) and I hope we will see each other again after the break somewhere on the ocean sailing together :)

I was super happy sailing again in the Northsea and I just love those conditions. Every day was different. We started in starboardtack on friday, had some pretty much onshore heats in the middle and finished the single elimination in fun sideshore surf with good waves. Even the judges where happy with the performance of everybody in the seminfals and this quote from the PWA liveticker says it all:

„08:40 At the moment there´s two cracking semifinals going on here with all 4 women showing an extremely high level with a variety of jumps and turns.“

I think it´s really cool, that we where able to show what we got and Sarah-Quita and Lina just stepped up the game with the heights in their jumps. I like it! It´s super motivating!


1* Sarah-Quita Offringa
2* Iballa Ruano Moreno
3* Lina Erpenstein
4* Steffi Wahl
5* Maaike Huvermann

All in all it was such a good week and I think we have to be really thankful that a lot of people put so much effort in this event here on Sylt.


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To name a few of my personal heroes of the Worldcup Sylt:

Stefan Fröhlich for beeing solid as a rock during his job as water security on the jetski, Harry Goeft for his passion for windsurfing, Sven & Bernie & Crew from 9pm media for their media work, Peer from the Orga team for always beeing there and having an eye on lost stuff somewhere on the beaches, Miri & Carsten Köthe for their Surfcup passion and radioshows here on Sylt and of course a big thanks to all the camera guys who are always busy cleaning their lenses due to the rainy weather conditions.

Pictures: Windsurf Worldcup Sylt, John Carter, Thomas Knoop, Dominik Röckl, Michael Wohlgehagen
Video clips: filmed by Windsurf Worldcup Sylt / 9pm media Video crew

Picture: Thomas Knoop
Thomas Knoop
Worldcup Sylt - pic by Dominik Röckl
pic by / John Carter